Top General Frequently Asked Questions



1080 MINI

Cannot update firmware

-Have the step-by-step instructions on the website been followed closely? -If update is still not successful- with SD card out, hold the reset button on the back of the camera for at least 30 seconds -Reformat SD card with this online program (note that this will erase all card content) https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/ -Insert SD card into camera and power on camera normally. -From the software update you downloaded, drag ONLY the .BIN file over to your cameras SD card (Leave the existing DCIM, MISC, and 1080.txt files on the SD card) -Insert SD card into camera -Power unit on normally. You should see the red and blue LEDs stay solid and then the blue LED will blink rapidly. Once the camera powers itself down, this will indicate the update was successful. -Connect the SD card back to your computer and delete the .BIN file. If this is not done the camera will try to run the update every time it is powered on

Camera shuts off while recording

-Has the unit been charged? -Is the camera’s SD card full? -Has the SD card been formatted prior to recording. If not, please reformat through the following link: www.sdcard.org/downloads/ -Is the camera in a high vibration application? If so then add a layer of tape on the back of the SD card to build up thickness, preventing loss of contact while in the camera -If all other methods attempted, camera may be suffering from bad battery life

Does the 1080 Mini support PAL 25/50

The Replay XD 1080 Mini supports NTSC 30/60fps and PAL 25/50fps out of the box. You can change these settings by opening the Advanced Settings File on your SD card.

How do I adjust the Advanced Settings on my 1080 Mini?

You can modify the advanced settings on your Replay XD1080 by locating the XD1080mini.txt file on your microSDHC card.

How do I download videos from my 1080 Mini?

You can use the supplied USB cable or a SDHC card reader that is microSDHC compatible. Using the USB Cable: 1) Make sure the SD card is fully inserted. 2) Plug the USB cable into the Replay XD 1080 Mini and Mac or PC 3) Hold the Record button and Power On the camera. 4) Release the Record button once the 1080 Mini drive has mounted.

Reformat 1080 Mini SD Card

You can reformat your SD card by downloading the official SD Formatter for Mac or PC. Official SD Card Association SD, SDHC, SDXC formatter download: https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/

The blue LED is flashing and then my 1080 Mini turns off.

The Battery is at 25% charge or less and needs to be recharged.

The green charging light turned off on my 1080 Mini?

1. Make sure the supplied USB cable is firmly plugged into your 1080 Mini and connected to an approved USB charger. 2. If your USB cable is plugged in properly then your 1080 Mini is fully charged.

Will my XD720 RePower Battery Adapter work with my 1080 Mini?

No, The XD720 is the same diameter as the 1080 Mini but the USB ports are different. The 1080 Mini features a Mini USB port. You will need to purchase the 1080 Mini RePower Adapter.

How do I prevent wind noise?

The 1080 Mini comes with a sheet of windbreakers. They are simply stickers that can be placed over the mic hole to cut the amount of sound recorded. Do note that the wind breakers are only intended to be used in high decibel environments and will effect the mic’s ability to pic up conversations and other quitter noises.

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